mustashfaa husayn aleali

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Phone Number : | 0118343401

Mobile Number: | 0135939199


70 riyals for a general physician/specialist/consultant examination

150 riyals for a consultant plastic surgery examination

17.900 riyals for the sleeve gastrectomy

11.500 riyals laparoscopic gallbladder surgery with sample

7.000 riyals for inguinal hernia surgery

5.600 riyals for umbilical hernia surgery (small)

8.800 riyals for umbilical hernia surgery (large)

4.200 riyals for a hernia operation for children

7.200 riyals Hemorrhoids operation by piston method

5,300 riyals for hemorrhoids surgery

5.200 riyals for Pilonidal Sinus surgery

4.000 riyals for the operation of anal fistula (lower)

5.600 riyals upper anal fistula operation

4.800 riyals for anal removal surgery

3.800 riyals natural childbirth

4.500 riyals natural childbirth with a back needle without pain

8,500 riyals for the first caesarean section

10,000 riyals for the second and repeated caesarean section

3.500 riyals for tonsillectomy with adenoids for children

15% discount on laboratory and radiology services