Sky Dental Complex

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Website: www

Phone Number : 920005446


Detection for free

Simple and medium cases evaluation 2999 riyals

American implants for the tooth 2999 riyals

Teeth whitening with White Smile technology 600 riyals

Zircon complex 899 riyals

Panorama rays 180 riyals

Extraction of the milk tooth 72 riyals

Cleaning + polishing in two sessions 180 riyals

Cleaning + polishing one session with lime and pigmentation 150 riyals

One surface cosmetic filling 180 riyals

Cosmetic filling more than the surface 210 riyals

Temporary filling 48 riyals

40% off other services

Extra 5% discount on special offers for the complex

For holders of the various Gulf Takaful card.