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50% discount on German porcelain fixtures for one toothPrice before discount 1200

After discount 600 riyals

50% discount on dental lenses (Hollywood smile) The lens for one tooth before the discount 1750

After discount 875 riyals

40% discount on dental implants with the German system for one tooth before the discount 4170

After discount 2500 riyals

50% discount on German zirconium fittings for one tooth before the discount 1750

After discount 875 riyals

50% discount on teeth whitening with white smiie technique before the discount 1300

After discount 650 riyals

50% discount on regular orthodontics with monthly installments system of 300 riyals per month inclusive

(X-rays _ sizes _ device) for free, the discount was said to be 8900 riyals, after the discount 4450 riyals

40% discount on laughing gas session for treating children before the discount 450

After discount 325 riyals

50% discount on transparent orthodontics (simple and medium cases) for a year with the system of monthly installments

300 riyals per month, including (X-rays - sizes - device) before the discount 13,700 riyals

After discount 6850 riyals

15% discount on oral and maxillofacial surgeries

40% discount on other dental services (excluding examinations and x-rays)

44% discount on full body hair removal without the abdomen and the back without frills

Before discount 745 After discount 420 riyals

35% discount on a carbonated Spectra session for the face with bleaching before the discount 270

After discount 175 riyals

36% discount on Flair Tosyal injection 1ml before discount 1345

After discount 860 riyals

38% discount on Juvederm Flair injections 1ml before discount 1615

After discount 1000 riyals

35% discount on Botox injections per area before discount 1145

After discount 745 riyals

53% discount on the full slimming package (includes one session with a cryiipoisis device)

And the number of 3 sessions with the exilis device before the discount 2460 after the discount 1150 riyals

35% discount on plasma session for one area before discount 725

After discount 599 riyals

65% discount on face and neck lift session in one session without surgery

With a device (ultraformer) exclusively in Al-Khobar Branch 3 Price before discount 4275

After discount 1500 riyals

70% off on a lip peeling session (Tawrid) before the discount 460

After discount 150 riyals

20% discount on plastic surgeries

30% discount on other dermatology services (examination not included)

35% discount on osteoporosis and joint assessment program before the discount 515

After discount 333 riyals

50% discount on the comprehensive pre-screening program Discount 375

After discount 245 riyals

35% discount on (anemia) comprehensive detection program for blood diseases before the discount 460

After discount 299 riyals

35% discount on the thyroid disease screening program before the discount 685

After discount 444 riyals

10% discount on the pregnancy follow-up program from the first month until birth before the discount 1800

After discount 1620 riyals

45% discount on the early detection program for diabetes before the discount 240

After discount 155 riyals

35% discount on the neurological assessment program before the discount 340

After discount 222 riyals

35% off on radiology and surgeries

25% discount on the lab

20% discount on other services (excluding inspection)

 Discounts are inclusive of all branches of Ram Clinics inside the Kingdom